About Me

I'm a marine biologist, but even though my rational side is my main side, I do have a tendency to crave making art. Photography is a hobby, but one that I work on every day, even if just in my mind.

I'm also a traveller and I use film. I try to document what I see and I believe film really shows how I experience what is put in front of me. The colours are so true. The light is so faithful. The rest, well, the rest comes through what I observe.

In each photograph, I try to capture the abstract of the reality, what everyone misses. Even if you have been in the same place, I hope I am showing you a new perspective, almost looking like a completely new place. I like trees, clouds, waves and, obviously, I like to travel. One day, I will maybe have had enough. Today is not that day.

Photograph by my dear friend and amazing photographer Camilla Jørvad.



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