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DIY Fine Art Print

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You can request a fine art print of any of my photographs. Here are the ones in stock. If you cannot see the one you would like on this blog post, let me know (just reply to the email you receive after purchase, or, alternatively, fill in the contact form), and I will make sure you get the one you want.

The fine art prints already in stock were printed by NorPrint on Munken Pure 240 gr paper. The final size will depend on the film type the original was shot at (35 or 120mm film) and the size of the print you choose.

For 35mm film:

Small (10x15) - Final size is 13x18

Medium (15x22.5) - Final size is 20x27.5

Large (20x30) - Final size is 30x40

For 120mm film:

Small (10x14) - Final size is 13x17

Medium (15x20) - Final size is 20x25

Large (20x27) - Final size is 30x37

After purchasing this product, you will receive an email with the confirmation of your purchase. Please, reply to that email with a description of the photograph you are interested in. You will receive the final product within a few weeks, depending on where you live.

I chose to do it this way, so I can better understand my clients and whether the photograph you choose describes what you are looking for. I want everyone to be happy with this interaction =)

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