2 days with Ryan Muirhead and Jan Scholz

In early September 2019, I met two of my favourite photographers: Ryan Muirhead and Jan Scholz (aka Micmojo). Every year, they host a Film and Friends workshop, and, every year, I REALLY want to go. In 2019, it was in my home country (Portugal), so I though that was the perfect excuse to not miss it!

They rented a beautiful AirBnb in the town of Comporta, Setúbal, and hired two gorgeous models: Manon and Linda. Even though the light was harsh for the most part of the day, we got to shoot indoors with the help of window light and lamps, and waiting, very patiently - chilling by the pool with a glass of wine while chatting to all the other attendees - for the golden hour. We also got to shoot under the blasting sun to challenge ourselves. As usual, I was lucky enough to be in a very nice group, with such humble personalities, and unbelievable talent. I now follow their work like I’m their #1 fan.

During this workshop, it was my first time ever using my brand new Pentax 645N with the SMC PENTAX 67 1:2.4 105mm (for the Pentax 67) with an adapter. I really enjoyed using it, but, even 6 months later, I still have to get used to focusing properly with it. Even though I only do Manual Focus, different systems (and my bad eyes) require different approaches to focusing and I haven’t figured all of them out just yet.

Here are the shots I got of Manon and Linda, as well as Ryan, Jan, Jan’s daughter and wife, and the other attendees. All developed and scanned by GuapeLab (more on this lab on a later post) from GuapeTom.

For this workshop, I shot with the Pentax 645N and the Canon T70, together with Fuji Pro 400H, Kodak Portra 800, Kodak 400TX and Ilford HP5+.

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