3 days with Jonathan Canlas

Earlier this year, I attended the Film School Road Trip with Jonathan Canlas.

Jon is one of my favourite photographers. I love how he documents his family life, how dedicated he is to capturing someone else’s family, and how good of a business man he has become. I have been following his work for years now, and once he announced he was hosting a 3-day-road-trip in his family van through the Utah mountains, I thought “yes, Sofia, you freaking need to be there!”, and so I went.

The Film School Road Trip started with a visit to The FIND Lab. The next day, we headed to Moab Under Canvas, a gampling place in Utah. The other attendees were awesome, so this meant the dynamic of the group worked so good, I still miss it. We literally spent close to 4 full days together, around the clock (specially for those who, like me, shared tents). 

I want to keep this short, so let’s just go straight to business. Here are the images I captured during the workshop. I brought with me my Bronica ETRS and my Canon A1. The A1 was already rocking its tape for ages, but, unfortunately, I dropped my bag on the floor and the Bronica broke, so I used tape to keep the viewfinder and the body together -  as you can see in the picture of me (scroll way down, shot by Brandin Tumeinski). Unfortunately (again), all the images I shot with the Bronica in the mid-focusing range didn’t come out in focus, so I ended up loosing a lot of frames, besides the usual light leak, misfired shots, and whatnot. I have replaced the body since then. I also shot one roll with Brian Shaw’s (from Shaw Photography Co) Pentax 645N (because I knew I would eventually get one myself), and 3 rolls with Tom Abeloos’ Fuji GSW69 III. Both are such great cameras, and the Fuji is definitely part of my wish list now. I used a wide range of film stocks: Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Portra 800, Kodak Portra 160, Kodak Tri-X 400, Fujifilm Pro 160S, Efke KB 25 and Kodak Professional P3200 TMAX.

I hope you enjoy looking at this set. I definitely need to learn to kill some of my darlings, but for now, you get this. My main outcome from the workshop was to learn how to shoot better portraits of the people that matter to me, so I am on a quest to do precisely than until the end of 2019. I absolutely recommend attending a Film School Road Trip. It is totally worth it. Next one is in Cuba!

by Brandin Tumeinski

by Jonathan Canlas

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