Or should I say Analogue Wanderlust?

[Initially published on Jan 27, 2017.]

I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise that I am a travel fanatic.

I also strongly object to days ruled by routines.

I keep chasing that new place, that new smell, that new landscape.

Once I find it, it’s there for me to enjoy it, so it can vanish away. The good thing is that the very same place can provide completely different experiences depending on weather, company, mood, whatever… And that makes me have this intrinsic rush/craving for travelling, no matter where, constantly.

I have been extremely lucky, I cannot say otherwise. I have been travelling for a few years now, and actually experiencing living in different places, but I am still a perfect newbie. There are so many more places to see. “I know nothing”, like they say.

So yes, maybe I should have called this place Analogue Wanderlust, but then the truth is there is not a single term that can define all it really represents.

For now, I’ll stick to Analogue Travelling.

In memory of those lost dreams, I leave you with this inspirational wall of quotes.

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