Family photoshoot - a first

I came into photography to try capture those awe moments and make them eternal, somehow. I rarely photographed people, because it wasn’t me. However, since becoming a mother, I appreciate capturing family moments in its true sense - those everyday joys, those smiles no one sees except your newborn baby, and those laughs no one sees because they are all with their eyes closed for laughing so hard.

Today, I decided to share my first ever photoshoot of a family of my neighbour, work colleague and friend. Please, let me know your thoughts, as this is a learning phase for me, and hopefully a very steep one.

For this shoot, I used my Canon A1 and my Canon AE-1 Program. I also took a few shots with their digital Canon EOS 1300D. I am obviously biased, so only a handful of the pictures shown here are from their camera. #foreveranalogue

Sets of prints are now available

Are you a postcard person? Do you love to send and receive postcards from family and friends?

I do (even though I have been really bad at it - #momlife). I love walking around the streets of a new town and look for the perfect postcard. However, I rarely find IT. I found a lot of ugly ones and a lot of boring ones. Usually, I end up buying the more artsy ones, unless I know the person collects ugly postcards =)

Well, if you have visited or long for visiting Portugal, Denmark, Iceland or Hawai’i, look no more. Today I am releasing sets of prints for these countries+state for you to have at home and send to your beloved ones. Get them while they’re still very cheap! They’re now available in my store.

Here’s a sneak peek.

New store

Let me tell you a secret: my previous store was a joke.

No, I’m kidding. It wasn’t a joke, but it sure felt like it. I was depending on third parties to print my photographs and send them to you. I didn’t like that, but, back then, I thought I didn’t have any other options.

Today I am releasing my new store, which means that, if you purchase any of my products, you will be in direct contact with me and me ONLY! No third parties involved! Yupiii!

Of course this also means that my sets of prints are limited to the selection I offer and to the number of prints I have in stock. But do not be shy to ask for another photograph you do not see on the website, OR to ask for one you see but it’s marked as sold out or it is not in the size you want. It may take a little longer to get to you, but I will make sure it gets to you.

So go check it out and let me know what you think. For now, I’ll leave you with the selection of fine art prints I have in stock. I’ll be adding other products later in the year. Stay tuned =)

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