Photoshoot with Camilla Jørvad Photography

[Initially published on Nov 13, 2016.]

These are not our wedding pictures. We just volunteered as models.

Around April this year, Camilla Jørvad was looking for couples for a photoshoot. Because I was just completely in love with her work - and still am -, I asked M if he was in (he is ALWAYS in for everything!!!), I contacted her and she said yes right the next day.

On October 23, we headed to the Scottish Highlands for the whole day. We got rain, wind, sun - the typical very predictable (NOT!!!) Scottish weather. Nothing that a warm cup of coffee and a slice of leftover cake couldn’t fix.

I don’t think she needs more introductions. You can visit her website, facebook, or instagram.

I do not like to share this much of us, but her work needs to be seen.

Thank you so much for this day, Camilla!

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