The art of being nice… to pregnant women

[Initially published on Jan 2, 2017.]

I am usually not a nice person. I am sarcastic, straight-forward and, mostly, just not nice. I don’t appreciate people that have a tendency to embellish everything they say to make their point more appealing to the masses. But well, I still listen to them. I am just not like that.

Or I wasn’t… Until I became a mom. The truth is throughout my pregnancy, I was over-flooded with words of empathy, smiles and even messages from long-gone acquaintances. This cloud of kindness mixed with the overload of hormones in my body took me by surprise. I was not ready, but I was enjoying it.

One of the most remarking changes was my excessive use of exclamation marks!!! So many and so out-of-context sometimes. This together with my lack of a proper language now (mixing Portuguese, English and Danish at home on a daily basis) makes me having a meltdown every time I need to read what I wrote.

And it changed me. Slowly, but surely. The fact that little L was growing day by day inside me and everyone was being extra nice to me turned me into this cheesy, messy mom. And you know what? I like it!

But of course I am still myself. I keep having these awkward moments with random people, I keep bumbling nonsense, which pretty much tells me I am still myself - a non-person person.

So, my question is: is this a general pattern or is every recent parent in this somewhat nicer version of her/himself?

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